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**Let's go buddy!**

You are the operator of this rust- let's call it charming.. train!
Get as far as you can without letting the engine fire go out, or the train blowing up, easy peasy. But don't get hit by those pesky track blocks those buggers put up!

Oh and don't get killed by those buggers either. I gave you a nifty revolver to take care of both problems


WASD - Movement
Mouse - Look
Left Mouse Button - Shoot
R - Reload
E - Interact
Left Ctrl - Crouch
Left Shift - Sprint

Control the speed of the train, slower and more vulnerable to the enemy, faster and you hurt the engine and burn more fuel, but those enemies can't catch up.
Refuel the engine to keep the fire alive - if the flame goes out (or your train is destroyed, but who cares about that) you lose!
Fuel is in the fuel cart in the back

I had no time to test the balance of anything, please let me know if something is whack! Thanks :=)


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wild-west-hunt-osx.zip 28 MB
Version 3
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Version 3
wild-west-hunt-linux-x64.zip 32 MB
Version 2