A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I call it a "ball throwing game", you can call it what you want I guess.

The controls are kinda easy to understand:

You control the camera like the unity editor camera (e.g. you move with the arrow keys or wasd (w/up = forward, a/left = left, d/right = right, s/down = backwards) you rotate the camera by holding the right mouse button and then moving the mouse. You can pull the camera up, down, to the right and to the left by holding down the middle mouse button. You aim the shot by holding down the left mouse button and then pulling in the opposite direction in which you want the ball to fly
Escape toggles the GameOver Screen (I didnt have enough time)

It only has 4 levels annd if you inish the 4. level you can continue but it only lets you continue on the 4. level.

I am definitely going to keep on working on this game so stay tuned!


QaziJam7 Linux.zip 27 MB
QaziJam7 Mac.zip 26 MB
QaziJam7 Windows.zip 11 MB


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Cool game, quite hard, would have liked a charging bar fro my firing, as well as maybe a shadow on the ground or something to help with the perspective of aiming angles. Looking forward to seeing more of this game! Good job!